As fashion is one of the passions of my life, so also has been sports.  Sports bring out the determination in people, teaches us how to trust others & the importance of teamwork.  It teaches people how to persevere & give it their all even when circumstances are not ideal.  In essence it shows us the ups & downs of life and how to cope with them through the form of games.

With those principles in mind & when starting Kahlo Khan I knew that I wanted to link together the two in some way.  And so I created an initiative called “Khela” to further sports in a country that not only needs it, but is the country in which I was born.

In the past few years we have already built a few basketball courts in the villages of Bangladesh, as well as set up camps & instructors for the young women in the areas to learn the game & how it is played.  As with anything worth accomplishing, this effort will take time & patience but the goal is that one day we will have some of the best female athletes & competitors in not only our country, but the world.